We have worked with Handicap International on multiple occasions, dating back to 2008 documenting land mine and UXO clearance. In Laos we visited victims of unexploded ordinance (UXO), a blight left over from the extensive bombing campaigns of the Vietnam War. Following the Ho Chi Minh Trail south to Cambodia, people are faced with a different problem: land mines. Laid during the Khmer Rouge era, land mines were scattered indiscriminately throughout the countryside, and while the numbers of victims has dropped considerably – largely due to the work of organizations such as Handicap International – these devices still pose a considerable threat to farmers and rural villagers.

As many land mines do not outright kill their victims, part of our work has focused on the trying and lengthy process of rehabilitation – such as is done in the Handicap International Centre of Kampong Cham, where victims are fitted with prosthetic limbs and taught to adapt to the loss of their limbs. As well as documenting their field operations, Ruom has also partnered with Handicap International to produce awareness campaigns on issues such as road safety, employments and training for handicapped people, and education programs for people with disabilities.

  • Year: 2008 – 2014
  • Client: Handicap International
  • Photos: Nicolas Axelrod – Luc Forsyth – Thomas Cristofoletti
  • Countries: Laos – Cambodia
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