Since 2014, WWF has commissioned us twice for assignments following their work along the Mekong River.

In 2014, WWF commissioned Thomas Cristofoletti to document their conservation work in the Greater Mekong’s region.

In April he spent a week visiting the northern part of Cambodia along the border with Laos, where the natural fragile ecosystem of the Irrawaddy dolphins is threatened by the construction of dams and illegal fishing activities.

In November, together with Ruom members Denise Hruby and Nicolas Axelrod, the team visited Tram Chim National Park – in the southern part of Vietnam and back to Cambodia where they travelled along the Mekong reporting on the livelihoods of the people who depend on it and the environmental threats to the region.

The material produced was used to create a multimedia website and published in the spring’s issue of World Wild Life Magazine.

  • Year: 2014
  • Client: WWF
  • Photos: Thomas Cristofoletti
  • Video: Nicolas Axelrod
  • Text: Denise Hruby
  • Countries: Vietnam and Cambodia
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