In October 2016, WWF UK asked Nicolas Axelrod, Thomas Cristofoletti and Denise Hruby to travel to India to document the “Ramganga Mitras” program, a project aimed at cleaning up and preserve the Ramganga river.

WWF’s first step to clean up the Ramganga was to make each stakeholder understand that, while they might currently be part the problem, they could be part of the solution.

With the Ramganga Mitras—the friends of the Ramganga—WWF started a movement that links people up and down society. Businessmen, farmers, officials, scientists and environmentalist are now tied together by one common cause: Contributing their part in making the river clean and pure. It’s the first line of the Ramganga Mitras’ pledge.

Year: 2016
Client: WWF UK
Photos: Thomas Cristofoletti
Video: Nicolas Axelrod
Text: Denise Hruby

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